Why Did We Create Our New Credit-Oriented Strategy?

Former Philadelphia 76ers General Manager Sam Hinkie is credited with making “Trust the process” a part of sports, yet this motto has broader applications. This slogan should also be applied to investments—how you choose a real estate investment partner should be based more on processes than end results (though track records matter too!). You want to invest with a real estate manager who utilizes sound strategies designed to mitigate your risk—not one that rode a bull market to high returns.  

Our investment approach is founded on identifying macro trends and demographic shifts we can align with market dynamics. This positions us to craft resilient and forward-thinking investment plans—and we see a massive opportunity right now. We have launched a new credit-oriented strategy to capitalize on the stress in the real estate capital markets. 

View our slideshow to learn more about how we’re uniquely positioned to help you take advantage of this opportunity, so you can generate more attractive returns for your investment portfolio. 

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