What is JLAM's Agile Investing and How Can It Help Me?

Don’t Let Your Investment Become a Square Peg in a Round Hole

A strategic approach with a tactical twist = Agile Investing.

Typical investment funds are predicated on an investing strategy that’s meant to be executed over a lengthy period of time. This “set it and forget it” approach can seem easy at the start. The downside, as we all know, is that market conditions evolve and sometimes can shift radically and rather quickly.

This can leave you with assets locked into an investment strategy that no longer makes sense for you. What once was a sound strategy has now become a square peg in a market that’s now become a round hole. 

JLAM operates under a strategy that’s been honed over time and is both repeatable and scalable. The overarching strategy can be implemented in any number of tactical executions. This means that we can evolve our approach as market conditions warrant to ensure that the goal is steady yet outsized returns in any market.

While this approach has advantages, when married with our approach to raising capital, it gives investors the ability to move with us as markets change. When investing in JLAM, you invest at the deal level, not the fund level. This means that you have the opportunity to decide if each of our investments is right for you. Since we adapt our tactics with market changes, it likely will be!

We call this approach Agile Investing.

Our experience helps us to see future opportunities in both development and acquisition across residential, multi-family, and commercial including office, retail, and industrial real estate. This lets us pivot as markets evolve. Because our team is skilled in both acquiring existing assets and developing new properties, we are able to take action to capitalize on opportunities presented by changing market conditions. 

Traditional investment funds simply can’t adapt as quickly as we can - this Agile Investing positions us to maximize returns and optimize strategies as the opportunity set changes. 

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